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カリフォルニア大学バークレー校でMBA / MPH留学している医師です

Olin インタビュー終了・質問内容

UC BerkeleyからもInterview Invitationゲット。ちなみにMBA/MPH。

9/18 提出

9/31 エントリー内容でadmissionより問い合わせメール受信。Undergraduateが無いけど?とのこと。医学部=6年間なのでオレのMedical schoolはUndergraduateかもしれないけど年数的には学士+修士みたいなものでGraduate equivalentだー、と回答して事なきを得る

11/8 Interview invitation




締切当日に提出したOlinからもInterview invitationを11/7にゲットし、11/9深夜にスケジュール。






<面接 via skype>25分間。夜中12時よりお願いした(現地9:00 AM)

1. Tell me about your self, and why are you pursuing MBA right now?

2. In the application, you chose "Consulting platform." What interests you most?

3. Post MBA goal (Position or company)

4. Creative contribution to organization

5. Global trend that impacts your goal

6. How do you contribute to the community?

7. Tell me something that you did in a different way following a reflection on your previous experience

8. Tell me about a time that you asked someone to give you feedback

9. Have you ever had a time that you worked in an organization that your ethics and standards did not fit? If so, how did you react?

10. What interests you about coming to St. Louis?

11. What most excites you about studying here in Olin?

12. Share other programs that you applied to?

13. If you were to be admitted to all programs that you've applied to, what is going to be the most important factor to final decision?

14. Do you have any question that I can answer for you?

15. Have you had the chance to any of our current students? We can get you connected, is that something that you would be interested?


13,15で撃沈しました(学生誰とも会っていなかった+来週はMichigan, WhartonのインタビューがあるためOlinの人と話している余裕がなかったので断った)